Commission on the Environment and Water Quality – April 11, 2013 7:00 pm

The following minutes are not taken verbatim and only reflect an overall representation of the meeting.
CALL TO ORDER: Barry LaRoy called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm
MEMBERS PRESENT: A roll call of members was taken and a quorum was present.

Dan Stefanski (phone)
Barry LaRoy
Ike Owens
Brian Egen
Jerry McKart
Hal Weakly
Bonnie Finzel-Doster
Maureen Pfund
Richard Micka
Guests: Melanie Foose – MDEQ, Jeanine Bragg – 20 Creative (Monroe Publishing)
MINUTES – From March 2013 reviewed – motion to accept & amend the minutes to reflect that
Dan Stefanski was present at the meeting via phone by Jerry McKart second Brian Egen – motion


1) Sediment Removal Project, Fish Passage Phase II Project and Marketing/Webpage/Video
Documentation projects – Stefanski, LaRoy & Guests Melanie Foose & Jeanine Bragg gave updates of
the projects and their status.

2) Discussion on providing access into the river via concrete steps or other means. City of Monroe is
concerned with liability and safety with providing access. COTE will develop a plan to provide to City
for consideration.

3) Motion by Stefanski and second by Finzel-Doster to send Letter of Support to Ducks Unlimited for the
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation proposal titled “Restoring Fish Access to Coastal Wetlands at
Sterling State Park. Motion passed. LaRoy to draft letter for review and submit of correspondence.

4) LaRoy updated COTE on comment received regarding woody debris in river and dams along with fish
passage structures. Woody debris is considered habitat that can’t be removed. Consultant will be
reviewing fish passage structures to verify integrity. Melanie Foose updated COTE that Beach Closing
BUI delisting criteria has been met and she will be preparing delisting documentation. Also, she
requested background documents from COTE on Bird & Animal Abnormality BUI. COTE will
review and provide information if available.
ADJORNMENT: Motion to Adjourn by Jerry McKart at 8:15 pm second by Brian Egen. Motion passed.
Next meeting May 9, 2013 @ City Hall