The City of Monroe Commission on Environment and Water Quality MINUTES April 13, 2017 7:00 pm

Call to Order: Commissioner LaRoy called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm

Members Present: A roll call of members was taken and a quorum was present.

Isaac Owens

Bonnie Finzel-Doster

Richard Micka

Dan Stefanski – via phone

Milward Beaudry

Brian Egen

Councilwomen Gloria Rafko

Ed Kane

Barry LaRoy

Guests: Melanie Foose, MDEQ AOC Coordinator

Bill Doster, Citizen

Mayor Robert Clark

Maureen Pfund, Former COTE Chairman

Megan LaRoy, Student / Volunteer

Mayor Robert Clark & Councilwomen Gloria Rafko spoke & presented Maureen Pfund with a Certificate of Appreciation for the 11 years she lead the COTE as chairman.

Ed Kane was officially introduced as a new COTE member

Approval of minutes from March 9, 2017 meeting – Motion by Stefanski, Seconded by Finzel-Doster


PAC Grant 2016:

Pictures taken for March 2017 were reviewed by Commission.

Field Guide “stuffers” officially ran out & finishing being stuffed in water bills on 3-17-17 to 50,000+ people.

Approximately $230 remains in the grant that has not been encumbered, alternatives for river cleanup supplies will be sought.

Monroe County Environmental Fund Grants (2016 & 2017):

2016 grant funds have been partially received.  2017 application has been received & it is likely funding will be granted; it is intended to combine a portion of the funds with the 2016 grant funds for a 2017 season flowering rush spray.  Some of the other funds will be used for a 2017 river cleanup due to potential delay in the 2017 PAC grant funds.

PAC Grant 2017:

GLRI is in jeopardy, MDEQ is waiting on awarding grants, 2017 funds are secure, but 2018 funds are not, a website for the statewide river cleanup funds will be provided from the MDEQ for consideration, 2017 funds have already been funded.

MDEQ Items:

Went through a SPAC ppt that was provided at the conference.

Went through the Illinois Sea Grant website and reviewed the drone footage of the USEPA River Raisin PCB cleanup project.

Members Time:

Micka– SPAC meeting details

MDEQ handling of the AOC program

EPA microcystin DRAFT document / LaRoy to contact Monroe County Health Dept about potential grant for 2017 season for Lake Erie – Monroe Water Plant is ELISA method certified for testing

Went over Melanie ppt details

Discussed Dr. Grassman (Eagles study)

Michelle Selzer LaMP program

District 9 Meeting Info

IJC Meeting details in Detroit

Mentioned everyone should go to the AOC conference

Discussed Vince Bonifer in the Monroe News

Port of Monroe notice from EPA regarding a port study

Mentioned Tom Krzyston, long time Port chairman passed awy

Owens-mentioned the Scenic Vista cleanup work has started along river on IHM property by City of Monroe DPS, looks great so far.

Kane-went to the RR Watershed Council Farm-Led Watershed Conservation meeting.


Beaudry– none

Rafko– none

Stefanski-appreciation for Maureen Pfund’s longevity & hard work

LaRoy-Will contact Boy Scouts about dates for 2017 river cleanup

Egen-Discussed chairman nomination for Dick Micka.  After a long discussion a motion was made by Finzel-Doster & seconded by Rafko to unanimously nominate Brian Egen for chairman of the COTE and Barry LaRoy as vice-chairman of the COTE.

Adjournment 8:18 pm motion made by Owens, Seconded by Stefanski