The City of Monroe Commission on Environment and Water Quality MINUTES January 17, 2019 7:00 pm, 1st Floor Conference Room

Call to Order: Chairman Egen called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm

Members Present: A roll call of members was taken and a quorum was present.

Isaac Owens

Richard Micka

Milward Beaudry

Brian Egen

Andrew Felder

Ed Kane

Barry LaRoy

Excused:          Dan Stefanski, Bonnie Finzel-Doster

Guests:            Melanie Foose, MDNR (OGL), Butch Uhl-Citizen, Megan Kane-Citizen, Mayor Robert Clark

Approval of Agenda with an Agenda Amendment – Add 3.1 Public Comments, Motion by Owens, Seconded by Kane, motion passed.

Public Comments – Mayor Robert Clark attended the meeting to discuss Citizen Planning Commission member changes from 9 to 7, 1 member from each precinct and 1 member (if interested) from another commission.  Anyone interested can contact the Mayor by Feb 1, 2019.  Discussed recognition dinner planned for boards & commissions coming up during Michigan Week in May 2019 to say thanks.

Approval of minutes from November 8, 2018 meeting – Motion by Felder, Seconded by Micka, motion passed.

2019 MDEQ Volunteer River, Stream, & Creek Cleanup Program Grant:  Discussed potential grant opportunity for COTE to submit a proposal to the Great Lakes Commission for a 2019 river cleanup event.  The proposed scope and area was discussed, partners, some elements of the cleanup timeframe as well.  Motion made to apply, pursue, and or submit a grant proposal for a 2019 cleanup event was made by Owens, Seconded by Kane, motion passed.

2018 PAC Support Grant: A revised FSR was received, executed, and approved to amend the grant budget allocations.  The quarterly report was submitted in January 2019 along with all invoices.  COTE likely will request a grant extension and small budget amendment.  Will obtain City Admin input for extension.  Discussed all grant tasks:

  • Portable Banners-discussed mock ups of 2 banners along with proposed ideas & suggested text for one of them. Banners will be used as a base for the media outreach series.  Past developed outreach materials were provided to members for reference.  Email ideas for the banners to Commissioner Egen by Feb 1, 2019 so as to finalize the banners before purchasing.
  • Media Outreach-Will use portable banners for media outreach base. Series ideas  outreach task discussed, will 2 full pages, 2 subject themes per page, promote cleanup event if obtain grant, and will also include other ideas: projects completed, activities, water trails, story map, legacy website, recreation, fishing, biking, MS4 stormwater, etc.  Will work on outreach after banners done.
  • Website-ongoing maintenance & updating.
  • Documentary Short Style PSA-Interviews & filming done, preliminary editing ongoing & will be complete on schedule. Showed pictures of interviees.

MDNR Items: State of the Great Lakes Report, Water Strategy Report discussed.  Some River Raisin pictures used.  New directors in the state (OGL, MDEQ, etc).  A new dept will likely be established – Great Lakes & Fresh Water.

Members Time:

Beaudry – None.



Micka-Diner at International Wildlife Refuge, April 6, 2019.  New director Susan White.

Felder-Proposed noxious weeds ordinance changes, will obtain City staff input before pursuing a recommendation to the City for suggested ordinance language changes.

Egen-Next PAC Grant-be thinking of ideas, suggest certification program (stickers), etc.

LaRoy – Water Trails recognized by the state, publicized in media outlets.

Citizen Comments: Megan Kane suggested using other forms of social media – Twitter, etc.

Adjournment: 8:41 pm a motion made by Owens, Seconded by Beaudry to officially end the meeting.