The City of Monroe Commission on Environment and Water Quality MINUTES March 9, 2017 7:00 pm

Call to Order: Commissioner LaRoy called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm

Members Present: A roll call of members was taken and a quorum was present.

Isaac Owens

Bonnie Finzel-Doster

Richard Micka

Dan Stefanski – via phone

Milward Beaudry

Gloria Rafko

Barry LaRoy

Excused: Brian Egen

Guests: Melanie Foose, MDEQ AOC Coordinator

Ed Kane, Citizen

Bill Doster, Citizen

Approval of minutes from February 9, 2017 meeting – Motion by Finzel-Doster, Seconded by Beaudry


PAC Grant 2016:

Pictures taken for February 2017 were reviewed by Commission.

Field Guide “stuffers” are finishing the week of 3-13-17 being stuffed with Water Bills to 50,000+ people.

PAC Grant 2017:

Due to proposed federal budget the grant is likely to be delayed, no estimate of delay can be given at this time.

Monroe News Article of 24 inch Trout Catch:

Ed Kane was introduced to COTE.  Ed went over his catch of a 24 inch rainbow steel head trout caught on the downstream side of Waterloo Dam.  He further went over the different types of fish caught & more historical pictures of fish caught in the river.  Fishing has improved with the fishway projects.  It will be investigated about promoting on the City Facebook pages for anglers to record their catches, location, size, etc to help promote the river.

Flowering Rush:

Application will be made for a 2017 Monroe County Solid Waste grant ($3,000) for increasing the 2017 spray season and or supplementing the PAC grant tasks if the budget is reduced.

2 grant apps have been submitted (USEPA & NFWF) with the CISMA for multi-year flowering rush sprays.

MDEQ Items:

SPAC meeting is on 3-28-17, Conference is on 3-28-17 & 3-29-17.

With proposed budget cuts & many questions from COTE members it is suggested to contact our local senator / representatives for assistance to mitigate the cuts.

Members Time:

Rafko-suggests discussion at future council meetings occur on proposed GLRI cuts.


Micka-EPA federal cuts article handed out & discussed, Discussion on asking for the Army Corp of Engineers (ACE) to take over the AOC since funding is being shifted to the Water Resource Development Act (WRDA), ACE is responsible for harbor lines already, Further investigation is being done on WRDA, Handed copies of Monroe News article out on Ed Kane / Ike Owens with trout catch, Wants Jim France activities on SE Michigan to be explored, Access to river a high priority, Handed out a brochure on the International Wildlife Refuge Alliance benefit dinner on 5-20-17, Discussed Indian artifacts found when the lake was blown out on 3-8-17, discussed the gizzard shad fish as a possible indicator fish for delisting.

Owens-would like the bypass channel at Veteran’s Park to be deepened but the design of the channel is to carry approx 9 inches to 12 inches of water at all times, Requests Ed Kane become a COTE member.

Beaudry-After the Home Builder Show on S. Custer an Eagle was spotted flying along the river.

LaRoy-chairman suggestions are encouraged in accordance with the bylaws.


Adjournment 8:22 pm motion made by Owens, Seconded by Finzel-Doster