The City of Monroe Commission on Environment and Water Quality MINUTES April 11, 2019 7:00 pm, 1st Floor Conference Room

Call to Order: Chairman Egen called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm

Members Present: A roll call of members was taken and a quorum was present.

Richard Micka

Milward Beaudry

Brian Egen

Andrew Felder

Ed Kane

Barry LaRoy

Excused:          Isaac Owens

Absent:            Bonnie Finzel-Doster

Guests:            Melanie Foose, MDNR (OGL), Dan Stefanski-COTE Commissioner (via phone), Katie Goplerud-Smith, RR Watershed Coordinator

Approval of Agenda – Motion by Felder, Seconded by Beaudry, motion passed.

Approval of minutes from March 14, 2019 meeting – Motion by Felder, Seconded by Beaudry, motion passed.

Noxious Weed Ordinance: Commissioner Felder reviewed the City Attorney recommended edits to the proposed noxious weed ordinance (chapter 712 of City ordinances). After discussing various elements of the recommended changes COTE will consider alternatives and will table these proposed amendments until the May 2019 meeting due to name changes forthcoming from the state departments and agencies.

2019 River Cleanup (MDEQ Volunteer River, Stream, & Creek Cleanup Program Grant):  Briefly went over the grant application scope and map, will reach out to the GLC on the grant application status. Discussed potential dates including the potential Saturday of the Jazz festival (8-10-19) if it occurs.  Per DPS this date is a good date.

2018 PAC Support Grant: The 4th amendment to the grant was submitted and approved with the amendment being executed.  The amendment is for a short Social Media/Movie Trailer ~30 to 90 second video of the mini-documentary as a lead in for a viewer to watch the entire video and the an extension to June 30, 2019.  Discussed all grant tasks:

  • Portable Banners-reviewed final version of banner 1 & 2 (Restoration & Remediation). Banner 3 wording is finalized and is currently being developed for review (Revitalization).  Wording at the bottom of the banners will be revised to meet the grant requirements, but will wait until guidance is received with the anticipated state department / agency name changes.
  • Media Outreach-Will use portable banners for media outreach series (Restoration, Remediation, & Revitalization – 3R principles) and promote the 2019 River cleanup event (if we obtain the grant), and will also include other ideas: projects completed, activities, water trails, story map, legacy website, recreation, fishing, biking, MS4 stormwater, etc. With the extension to June 30, 2019 using the series can be used to promote the cleanup.
  • Website-ongoing maintenance & updating. Mini-documentary video link is now on the website front page.
  • Documentary Short Style PSA-Done. Added task with grant amendment #4 is to provide a Social Media movie trailer to communicate the documentary, it will be a call to action to watch the full video.

MDNR Items:

  • Shared mini-documentary with a group (Quality of Life Leadership Academy).
  • EGLE will be the new state department MDNR moves into on 4-22-2019.
  • 4th grant amendment is being executed by the state currently.

Members Time:

Beaudry – Will be at Monroe County Earth Day event, Field Guides provided for him to hand out.

Micka – Appeared before Congress a month ago to testify.  While there resolution being developed for by House & Senate combining 103 bills into 1, PA 116-9.  Discussed Dr Hartig link on IAGLR website listing the Raisin AOC as the 1st case study.  Chairman Egen to send an email/thank you.

Felder-Send him a copy of the older Homeowner’s Guide developed previously.


LaRoy – Had 2019 CISMA meeting for flowering rush spray.  Compared 2015 treated areas to 2018 treated areas & it is clear the treatments are aiding in reducing the FR areas/density.

Egen-2 bills from House & Senate-Historic Preservation tax credits-drafted a support letter.  Mentioned the control burn at Sterling Park was done on a high windy day-didn’t appear safe & surprised by the timing, further discussion revealed this practice may have had safety protocol built into it.

Stefanski – none, see you all at the May meeting in Monroe.

Citizen Comments: Katie Goplerud-Smith: Free chainsaw training class on 5-20-19 & 5-21-19 at the Lenawee County Drain Commission Office; Adopt-A-Stream Macroinvertebrate stream search to occur at Adrian College on 4-27-19; Earth Day Cleanup at Tecumseh on 4-22-19.

Adjournment: 8:39 pm a motion made by Felder, Seconded by Kane to officially end the meeting.