The City of Monroe Commission on Environment and Water Quality MINUTES April 12, 2018 7:00 pm, 1st Floor Conference Room

Call to Order: Chairman Egen called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm


Members Present: A roll call of members was taken and a quorum was present.

Bonnie Finzel-Doster

Richard Micka

Dan Stefanski (via call in number 734-322-4370, access code 0498650)

Brian Egen

Andrew Felder

Barry LaRoy

Excused:          Isaac Owens

Milward Beaudry

Absent:            Ed Kane

Guests:            Melanie Foose, MDNR

Coffee provided for the COTE.

Approval of minutes from March 8, 2018 meeting – Motion by Micka, Seconded by Finzel-Doster, motion passed.

PAC Grant 2017: Quarterly report completed and submitted along with all invoices.  Invoices & report to be submitted via SIGMA as well, working with state on resolving issues.  Updated COTE on River Raisin AOC GIS StoryMap.  Final pictures being taken and uploaded by consultants (RitterGIS and Winter Apple Photography).  Will be linked to RR Legacy website & City website once done-scheduled for end of April.  Egen presented a revised PSA script (V4) read for COTE to listen to, discussed MPACT to do final read, purchase music, and start video documentary for PSA task (budget  = $300).  Drone Video – a purchase order was issued to Seventy7 Productions.  Discussed work, details, logistics that are scheduled to be completed in May/June – before media package so as to promote all tasks and proposed 2018 river cleanup.  The Media Outreach task package is scheduled to be done at end of June 2018 to comprehensively include all PAC support grant tasks, promote the AOC, projects completed and advertise for the 2018 river cleanup.

2018 Michigan Volunteer River, Stream and Creek Cleanup Program (VRSCCP) Grant application: Discussed grant RFP & plan that was submitted Feb 12, 2018.  Waiting for official notice on grant application, per Great Lakes Commission application looks good and we will officially find out the official grant award likely in late April 2018.  Other groups to aid in completing the cleanup by section including COTE supervision, City DPS, DTE Dream Team, boat owners/volunteers, JAWs group, and Boy Scouts discussed.  6 debris collection locations are Veteran’s Park, Roessler Field, IHM, Riverfront Parking Lot, Soldier’s & Sailors, & Hellenberg.

2018 PAC Support Grant application: COTE RFP submitted before March 30, 2018 deadline.  MDNR AOC Coordinator mentioned tasks are aggressive.  Final tasks submitted are:

  • Media Series Outreach Program
  • RR Legacy Website maintenance / updates
  • State Historical Marker
  • Portable banners (pull up)
  • High-Quality Documentary Trailer

COTE discussed how to site a State Historic Marker-will coordinate with City Historic Preservation Planner.  All tasks discussed, MDNR will move grant award up ASAP to complete all tasks.

MDNR Items: New OGL website & logo reviewed.  Will consider linking RR Legacy website to OGL website, will move on award of PAC grants, no monitoring report for benthos BUI – will have Mike Alexander come down to go over report with COTE, SIGMA online payments discussed, 4 BUIs remaining and reports/studies are ongoing for herring gulls, bald eagles.

Members Time:

Finzel-Doster – none

Felder – Going to RRWC Semi-Annual meeting at Cabela’s on 4-26-18 @ 5:30pm

Stefanski – Justin Clark info provided for drone video coordination

Egen – Consider COTE logo

LaRoy – Water Trail meeting, map updates, & coordination w/ COTE and City grant applications; Flowering Rush meeting coming in May for 2018 sprays

Micka – several handouts provided to COTE, discussed them.  Specific items include: Port Commission meetings are now at 8am on 3rd Wed of month, 1000’s of comorants in river, Dr. Hartig articles, Thanks to Melanie Foose, MDNR AOC coordinator, DEQ, & OGL, Handouts for fish caught in Dundee – thanks to God, Raisin Point discussed in coordination with DTE tax reduction issue with City and land swaps, consideration for circle tour modifications.

Adjournment: 8:40 pm a motion made by Felder, Seconded by Finzel-Doster to officially end the meeting.