The City of Monroe Commission on Environment and Water Quality MINUTES December 10, 2015 7:00 pm

Call to Order: LaRoy called the meeting to order at 7:01pm

Members Present: A roll call of members was taken and a quorum was present.

Barry LaRoy

Richard Micka

Brian Egen

Dan Stefanski

Milward Beaudry

Gloria Rafko

Issac Owens


Maureen Pfund

Bonnie Finzel-Doster

Special Guests:

Melanie Foose, MDEQ

Brittany Santure, River Raisin Institute

Approval of minutes from November 12, 2015, motion by Egen supported by Stefanski.


PAC Grant 2015 – Discussed media outreach, Education & Outreach opportunities such as LETC bus advertisement outreach, repurposing the River Raisin Legacy tri-folds, create a flyer & mail, use the Strategic Plan Workshop raw data & put in flyer including the EPA NAPL cleanup project and delisting steps.  Discussed the RR Strategic Plan Workshop including the invitee list, plan for December 2015, Facilitation Agenda

Flowering Rush – All work done for 2015, conference call scheduled 12-16-15 with IWR and all agencies part of overall grant to discuss work of 2015.

UPDATE from Melanie Foose, MDEQ: Week of Dec 14th Federal partners meeting to be held where River Raisin / NAPL will be discussed.  4 BUIs remain.  2 BUIs will include monitoring, review of data to remove.  Last 2 BUIs: Fish Consumption – will use PCB report with Huron River as comparable river, 3-5 years after NAPL cleanup done a study will be done to check the data & reassess, future sampling plans will be considered; Bird or Animal Deformities – discussed the data, up & down, Dr. Grassman to be funded for 2016 to review/report, a ppt is to be provided.


  • Micka – discussed Sandy Creek Target Monitoring, resource for dead drains/creeks/watersheds; discussed Western Lake Erie Phosphorus Reduction Plan MDEQ meeting held at Monroe Middle School; discussed Phosphorus reductions, discussed the State of the Straits report, discussed Farmers Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Stefanski – discussed Phosphorus data & reductions

Request from Brittany Santure, River Raisin Institute, for use of the City Council Chambers on March 10, 2016, 6:30-8:30 pm for holding the 2016 Public Forum on Harmful Algal Blooms.  The event is hosted by Western Lake Erie Cluster of the Stewardship Network.  Motion by Owens supported by Micka to hold March 10, 2016 COTE meeting from 6:00-6:30 pm and adjourn and be part of the forum.  The meeting will host 6 panels / speakers, have Q&A.  The event will be televised live on MPACT.

Motion to Adjourn by Brian Egen and support by Milward Beaudry, 8:34 PM