The City of Monroe Commission on Environment and Water Quality MINUTES February 13, 2020 7:00 pm, 1st Floor Conference Room

Call to Order: Chairman Egen called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm
Members Present: A roll call of members was taken and a quorum was present.
Richard Micka
Dan Stefanski (via phone)
Milward Beaudry
Brian Egen
Andrew Felder
Ed Kane
Butch Uhl
Barry LaRoy
Absent: Catharine Calder
Guests: Melanie Foose, EGLE AOC Coordinator
Approval of Agenda – Motion by Beaudry, Seconded by Felder, motion passed. Stefanski abstained.
Approval of minutes from January 9, 2020 meeting – Motion by Felder, Seconded by Kane, motion passed. Stefanski abstained.
2019-2020 PAC Support Grant: Prices for several tasks were developed and discussed for the PAC Support Grant with EGLE input, the tasks fit within the PAC grant budget limits. Items discussed and that are being considered include:
• Interpretative Sign Maintenance-Redesign & replace panels all 7 signs, City staff to redesign, DPS remove & replace the signs
• Longer Format (Approx 30 Minutes) RR Expanded Documentary Film-3 phases (beginning, middle, end), suggest ½ hr with grant on 1st film, history & community, last ½ hour (future grant) on where we are and future outlook, consultant to complete with COTE.
• River Raisin Posters-describe current AOC monitoring, identify goals, work done/projects, talk to peers, suggest having one geared toward peers & one for public, City staff and print costs.
• Homeowner’s Guide & Field Guide-mesh the two documents into a new document with updates, revisions, new info, City staff to redesign time & print costs.
• Sticker Program/Static Clings-Stickers, outdoor clings & decals considered with RR and facts, City staff and print costs.
• Waterproof lanyards/phone/wallet bags-examples shown, put RR Legacy logo & fun facts on them, City staff and purchase costs, smartphone size emphasized.
• Maintain RR Legacy website-ongoing maintenance cost for site, consultant cost.
• Riverwalk Fishing Post Mounts-on posts at existing benches for fishing-to be evaluated
with City Administration in relation to Riverwalk Masterplan Concept Plan.
• Kayak Crawl / Race / Fun Day-Possible task-Fun day, outreach, kayak race Veteran’s to
FP1, food, joint grant funding MCEF & PAC Grant, promote water trail, advertising,
giveaways, have COTE educate racers before going to next segment, scavenger hunt, have
COTE punch their ticket, plaques/trophies, partner with Battlefield (30), helments &
lifejackets required; Butch & Milward Research, must have qualified watercraft / Possible
Ducky Dash at the end, Andrew to contact Chip DTBN.
Discussion occurred on these tasks and funding for including with PAC grant, corporate partners,
& other grant options (MCEF). The PAC grant max awarded is $75,000 through February 28,
2022, max per year is $35,000, $5000 is the minimum award. A PAC support letter with COTE
motion / approval is required such that a Motion by Micka for the PAC to issue a support letter
and developing a proposal once all items are finalized, Seconded by Kane, motion passed.
Stefanski abstained.
Future Topics:
Life After Delisting-Discussion on partnering, forge with existing grant opportunities, establish
now for outreach and stewardship, build infrastructure, put mechanisms in place, other sources
of funding, keep up with long term contacts to stay current on AOC/EGLE related items including
sampling. Keep conduit in place, will need to determine most important items to stay
current/focused on, importance on what to maintain after delisting. Consider a dashboard with
BUIs status or scorecard, partner with RRWC and RRI more.
Non-PAC Support Projects-discussed 2020 River Cleanup, no funding from GLC, alternative
funding via MCEF, discussed details of grant, Motion by Felder, Seconded by Kane to move
forward with developing a grant to submit to MCEF for 2020 River Cleanup, potentially linking
grant work with PAC grant task for fun day depending on what is determined.
EGLE Items:
• Bird / Animal Deformity Report, updated: discussed bald eagle reproduction, healthy
population, production good, but high level of PCB in blood. Handout provided. Genetic
study being proposed, on babies to determine are they dying too early, are clean inland
birds coming in & having dirty babies or are eagles becoming PCB resistant? Trying to get
funding, working with John Riley, EPA is interested. Successful breeding typically doesn’t
equal high PCB in blood which doesn’t equal high productivity levels. Annual AOC testing
/ assessing to be maintained.
• Fact Sheet Example handout provided-St Clair general info, discussed
• Mink trapper @ Ford Warehouse along the river being sought, must have Ford access,
discussed several alternative ways to accomplish, TBD. RR AOC has eagles, tree swallows,
mink & forage fish as species to track on recovery. Detroit River AOC has only forage fish
& eagles. Consideration of Tom Peters (MSG-Ford) & Jason Morgan (DNR-SSP) for
contacts to complete work. Deformities BUI, will study & compare forage fish 2016 &
2020, consumption 2013 & 2020. Fish consumption comparison, RR AOC 2013
consumption study 7.54, Huron River 0.84, will check in 2020.
• Fact Sheet for Dick Micka, can use for posters and website, discussed CAP sampling;
Review/comments on draft sheet send to Melanie Foose, can brand fact sheet & use for
• SSP-High water levels, erosion problem, Hunt Club dike failing, DNR/EPA funding being
sought for stabilizing, make GLRI projects sustainable.
• SPAC Mtg-no date officially set, tentative March 24-26.
Members Time:
Micka-Need to monitor fish passage @ Veteran’s Park for fish going upstream, Melanie explained
fish studies by DNR revealed great lake species are making it upstream, will contact Sarah Thomas
of DNR about a new study/info.
Milward-will COTE be part of Earth Day 2020, 50th anniversary @ MCCC, contact Dan Rock,
forwarded email on event, sent to all COTE members for consideration.
LaRoy –Mentioned eagle scout interview related to COTE work, Monroe County Collaborative for
invasive species consideration.
Egen-Stefanski & Micka were celebrities at the Thunderbay International Film Festival, Alpena,
MI on 1-25-2020, best edited / narrative
Stefanski–talk to you next month
Citizen Comments: None
Adjournment: 9:32 pm a motion made by Felder, Seconded by Kane to officially end the meeting.
Stefanski abstained.