The City of Monroe Commission on Environment and Water Quality MINUTES February 9, 2017 7:00 pm

Call to Order: Commissioner LaRoy called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm

Members Present: A roll call of members was taken and a quorum was present.

Barry LaRoy

Richard Micka

Dan Stefanski – via phone

Milward Beaudry

Brian Egen

Bonnie Finzel-Doster

Gloria Rafko

Excused: Isaac Owens

Guests: Melanie Foose, MDEQ AOC Coordinator

Approval of minutes from January 12, 2017 – Motion by Beaudry, Seconded by Rafko


PAC Grant 2016:

Pictures taken for January 2017 were reviewed by Commission.

Field Guide “stuffers” are going out in Water Bills to 50,000+ people.

PAC Grant 2017:

Went through all grant proposal scope items, discussed details & tasks.

Showed City of Monroe drone video and Detroit River drone video.

MDEQ Items:

Presentation provided on Michigan AOC Program / Delisting AOC

“Party” is the USEPA in USA

4 BUIs remain in River Raisin AOC, 5 removed already

Benthos BUI removal likely in 2018

Went through steps to delist

14 AOCs in Michigan, 2 removed, 12 remain

River Raisin can’t delist until 4 remaining BUIs are removed

River Raisin Delisting process includes:

Melanie (MDEQ) submitting Final Report once all BUIs are removed

Hold Public Meeting for comments, Make changes if needed & submit Final Report to USEPA

USEPA submits to Dept of State

Process can take a long time to delist

River Raisin AOC is done with all projects and will need to wait for environment to recover

MDEQ writes the report to the USEPA, gets sent to Dept of State, then sent back to USEPA, then back to the MDEQ & then we celebrate!

USEPA New Managers: Scott Cieniawski & Amy Mucha – they replaced Mark Tuchman (split into 2 positions)

Annual MDEQ meeting occurred – discussed monitoring (2016 data for bald eagles & Herring Gulls)

Eagle productivity okay, but contaminate level (PCB) too high, Herring Gulls reproduction is below minimum (1.0 chicks/nest)

Eagles: 4 new eagle nests in AOC – south of DTE/Plum Creek

  • = Healthy population, 0.7 stable population, RR AOC > 1.0, problem is blood in eagles

125 ug/kg = healthy contaminate, RR AOC = 166 ug/kg – too high

Issue is healthy eagles having contaminated baby eagles in AOC

Hearing Gulls: PCB/contaminants in sediments – DTE discharge

Bob Burns – records of eagles per Stefanski & Micka

Same observations with Herring Gulls as Eagles

2010 reproduction rate was a complete failure

No deformities on eagles 2016 data

3 in last 4 years Herring Gulls > 1.0 chicks / nest, stable, 2015 / 2016 < 1.0

Tree Swallow data may be an option to review – Kris Custer, City participates in Tree Swallow program currently

2016 Forge Fish sampling occurred before PCB cleanup started

Eagles/Herring Gulls/Forge Fish are biological methods of monitoring

Members Time:

Mr. Micka –

Bloomberg article / Stefanski quote questions (handout)

Went over AOC conference sessions he plans to attend (handout)

Reviewed 2017 RFA Great Lakes Biology Monitoring Projects (handout)

Reviewed sustainable development strategy team Info (handout)

Reviewed ACE water quality info (handout)

Reviewed AOC delisting process / RAP Implementation Group (handout)

Discussed Lakewide Management Plan

Adjournment 8:44 pm motion made by Egen, Seconded by Beaudry