The City of Monroe Commission on Environment and Water Quality MINUTES October 10, 2019 7:00 pm, 1st Floor Conference Room

Call to Order: Chairman Egen called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Members Present: A roll call of members was taken and a quorum was present.

Richard Micka

Dan Stefanski

Milward Beaudry

Brian Egen

Andrew Felder (7:06 PM)

Ed Kane

Barry LaRoy

Absent: Butch Uhl

Guests:            Melanie Foose, EGLE, Meaghan Kern, USEPA Region 5

Approval of Agenda – Motion by Stefanski, Seconded by Beaudry, motion passed.

Approval of minutes from September 19, 2019 meeting – Motion by Beaudry, Seconded by Stefanski, motion passed.

2019 Flowering Rush Spray: The 2019 spray occurred on September 30th.  Notices were mailed & each property was field marked.  Per the consultant (Aquaweed) they are pleasantly surprised at how the invasive species (flowering rush, purple loosestrife, etc) have reduced in density and area.  COTE will work with our CISMA on securing funding / opportunities to spray in 2020.  5.6 acres total sprayed in 2019, in 2018 over 12 acres were sprayed.

Great Lakes Restoration Celebration: Openings for the event on 10-18-19 are still available via the weblink provided.  Event will be at the Henry Ford in Dearborn 8am-12:45 pm.  Chairman Egen is coordinating a Model T tour/ride after the event.  River Raisin has projects included in the booklet.  A Raisin AOC update will be provided by COTE / PAC members.  Raisin AOC pull-up banners will be on display as well.

2019 PAC Grant: Funding for EGLE (pre-award and whole amount) received.  New departmental structure is slow with different requirements/reviews/etc. Not likely to receive an RFP, but guidance with limited to no timelines to accomplish PAC grant project tasks.  Project spring 2020 for guidance, not competitive.  Letter of Support from PAC is required with similar project task grant proposal language in the past is fine.  Funding range will be $20K~$30K.  COTE brainstormed some ideas including: a boat for outreach, functions, possible boat donation from Cabela’s with funding to overlay it for COTE; update / print Raisin posters, update & mesh home owner guide with field guide & print; Speaker(s) event within City Council chambers for partnership building; sticker program including printing them; maintain website; develop a mascot for COTE (i.e. Richard G. Muskrat or sturgeon); State Historic Marker-discussion on Lake Erie marker @ sterling state park.

EGLE Items:

  • Participated in PAC Support Grant above, No SPAC meeting upcoming. Discussion on upland Ford Project (PCB cleanup), handled by Mannik & Smith Group for Ford in accordance with TSCA. Some upland PCB results found were 1500 ppm.  Meghan Kern, USEPA noted that if 2020 test results are similar to past results TSCA may on their own obtain their own sampling to aid in resolving this issue.

Members Time:

Micka-Questions for Meaghan Kern (TFL) on management actions completed to remove BUIs, Ford upland investigation, Chuck Pinter (Ford).  Had general questions on bow thrusters affecting the CAP in Port, sent slide 16 from Mike Alexander’s ppt, noted Port contractor (DRM) information and a story.

Felder-none but wanted to discuss items after meeting

Beaudry-MPACT now has podcasting capabilities, RR AOC story is an option

Kane-Noted picture in Monroe News of a young man (Vincent Sanders) who caught a 40” salmon while on a trip to Manistee, his favorite place to fish is in Monroe on the Riverwalk.

Stefanski–none, will miss Nov meeting and be in Florida thereafter until spring 2020.

LaRoy–Update on PFAS info on Ford site.

Egen-noted the Great Lakes Restoration Celebration at the Henry Ford.

Citizen Comments: none

Adjournment: 8:21 pm a motion made by Stefanski, Seconded by Beaudry to officially end the meeting.